Reasons to know WHY are iphones so expensive

As we know apple is so expensive but what are the reaosns why iphone is so costly?
So here you know why are iphones so expensive?

As we know Apple is one of the most leading companies in the world. Apple are best known for its premium quality services and security purposes. Apple’s operating system i.e IOS and its unique design and with extra quality features makes Apple unique from all other brands. Still in field of providing data security and sharing of personal informational, no other brands can compete with Apple till yet. Its advanced products with outstanding variety gives premium quality experience to its users. But really Apple products are that much valuable as their prices?

Even after provinding soo much to its customers, it still puts self doubt in some of its users related to their price of the product like

Why are iphones are so expensive ?

Was really Iphone is better than android ?

Why is APPLE so expensive ?

So the answer is simply #ECONOMICS. Apple charge premium for its products because that’s what the end user is willing to pay. APPLE charge more only for its premium grade offering for its product.

Let explain it with examples.

Consider the coffee, you can get coffee cup for for a 50 cent, but people would rather pay $4 for a coffee from Starbucks or CCD’s just because for better taste and you have that premium feel when using that product.

Same goes with buying Apple product. Sure you can build your own Pc’s/phones which will do the job faster or according to your needs, but that not what Apple is selling. It sells an experience. Not only the in-store experience when you purchase it at the Apple store, but when you actually using the product.

Any Apple product whether iphones, Mac books, iwatches or ipods. They all have very polished operating OS and along with their premium materials they are using on the products itself which gives you unmatched wonderfull experience when using their products to as compared to Windows or Android.

The further other reasons Why are iphones so expensive and costly in India as comapred to countries like USA or Dubai.

The other reasons for Why iphones are so costly in India because:-

High Import Taxes

Iphones are costly in India then any other countries is due to high import taxes in terms of Custom Duty, Central Governmment Taxes, State Government Taxes and all. Along with the average Custom Duty tax of 28.85%, import duty tax of 12.5%, import duty of 12.5% , the Apple has to pay approx. 12.5% of VAT (Value Added Tax) to various states on total price of the phone.

Weak Currency Ratio(₹<$)

The other reason why apple is so expensive is due to deflation rate i.e fall in value of currency rate. Mainly the thing that matters is how strong your currency with respect to USD as Iphones prices are set in Dollars($). The increase in the trade differnce and exchange rate between USA and India makes the Apple product more costly. According to the exchange rate list provided by the #Webbull, the currenct exchange rate between both the countries ₹74.45 is to $1 US dollar. So higher deflation rate made Apple products more costly and expensive as compared to other countries.

However if you look at the table below, you understand much more that what other countries are paying for the same device:-

iPhone 13 mini 128GB₹69,900$699£679
iPhone 13 mini 256GB₹79,900$799£779
iPhone 13 mini 512GB₹99,900$999£979
Iphone 13 mini prices

iPhone 13 price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 128GB₹79,900$799£779
iPhone 13 256GB₹89,900$899£879
iPhone 13 512GB₹1,09,900$1,099£1,079
Iphone 13 prices

iPhone 13 Pro price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB₹1,19,900$999£949
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB₹1,29,900$1,099£1,049
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB₹1,49,900$1,299£1,249
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB₹1,69,900$1,499£1,449
Iphone 13 pro prices

iPhone 13 Pro Max price in India, US and UK comparison

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB₹1,29,900$1,099£1,049
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB₹1,39,900$1,199£1,149
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB₹1,59,900$1,399£1,349
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB₹1,79,900$1,599£1,549
Iphone13 pro max prices

Apart from central taxes, Apple has no manufacturing plant in India. Manufacturing or Assembling products in India can certainly helps the brands to reduce their prices. Since Apple has no such benefit till yet, so they cannot avail the FDI in single-brand retail. This leaves Apple with no option but to collaborate with Indian retail agencies. therefore to maintain margins, Apple sells their productrs at higher price.

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